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Who We Are

Indian Restaurant

Kabab House is an authentic Indian restaurant, with a great selection of fresh, deliciously prepared Indian cuisine for your enjoyment. We offer years of experience offering Indian food, which shows through our happy customers. Our dining options include lunch, dinner, to-go orders, and catering, and we can always accommodate you. To explore our excellent authentic Indian food, please contact us or visit Kabab House today.

Bangladeshi Style Food

Kabab House serves as a Bangladeshi restaurant offering a variety of exquisite Bangladeshi cuisine. We create dishes composed of rice and curry, savory meats or fish, and wholesome vegetables. Most importantly, like all our other cuisines, our Bangladeshi food is halal, permissible by traditional Islamic law. To try out our offerings of Bangladeshi style food, please visit us at Kabab House today.


Pakistani Cuisine

Kabab House is a halal restaurant that specializes in Pakistani cuisine. There is no restaurant int he Richmond that is cooking up authentic Pakistani food and recipes. Whether you come in for lunch or dinner, you can enjoy our excellent offerings from our buffet. For dishes made with freshest ingredients and authentic spices, come by to Kabab House.

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